It’s About Willingness Not Worthiness

Do you feel called to do something great in the world?

It doesn’t matter how big your dream is – it could be to help one person, create a thriving practice, love your children, start a company, or write a best selling book.

And if you’re even partly following your purpose, I’m going to make a crazy, random guess about you.

You sometimes worry about whether or not you’re worthy of your purpose, and you regularly experience doubts, insecurities and self-judgments.

If so, here’s perhaps the single most important thing I’ve learned about doing purpose driven work.

This work is about willingness, not worthiness.

Are you willing to put yourself in service, even on those days when you don’t feel worthy? Are you willing to take simple, steady action steps, even when you feel like giving up? Are you willing to ask for help, even when you think you should be able to do it all on your own?

If you are, your path will unfold before you and you’ll be supported in walking it, in amazing, even miraculous ways.

Now, this isn’t a platitude or a nice idea.

It’s a law of the universe. It’s just that we rarely understand how this law really works.

We each have one or more lines of “purpose energy” that want to come through us. They’re always there.

These energies come in through your crown chakra, down to your heart, and from there they go down to the earth and out to the world. We experience these energies as inspiration, purpose, passion and flow.

But as these spiritual energies flow through you, they also bring up your insecurities and self-judgments. And the mistake we often make is to assume this means there’s something wrong.

“If I was really meant to be doing this work, I wouldn’t feel so insecure all the time…”

This is the opposite of the truth.

Here’s what’s really going on. Love does not inflict, so your purpose can only come through you to the extent you’re willing to receive it. This isn’t just a mental process – it’s a whole heart/body/mind thing.

As you become willing, it’s like there’s this spiritual faucet above your head that opens up, and positive energies start to flow down and into your body.
The thing is, your body is where you’ve stored all those fears, doubts and self-judgments. It’s where your shadow lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with your shadow – it’s the veil that allows you to play in the physical world.

But for your purpose to move through you, the channel needs to get cleared out. This process flushes out your fears and self-judgments, from where they’ve been unconsciously stored in your body-mind, and into conscious awareness.

This feels bad. So we tend to fight and resist it. But that only makes things worse.

What you resist, persists. Instead, your opportunity is to accept, embrace and clear these energies as they come up.

Now, you don’t need to DO this clearing work – you primarily just need to ALLOW it to move through you, and get support from others to help you as you do so. Again, it’s about willingness not worthiness.

Healing happens as you embrace your shadow and allow it to be cleared by the light.

All those fears and doubts are coming up for you. They’re on-course feedback. They’re a gift. They’re part of how you’re being prepared to do your work in the world.

So stop fighting and judging them, okay?

Here’s a recent example of this from my life. This spring, Nicole co-facilitated the Practice Building Breakthrough event with me. If you know Nicole, you will not be surprised to hear that adding her energy and wisdom took the event to a whole new level.

I love doing this work in partnership with her, and her willingness opened up even more willingness in me. So I committed to slowing down and getting our marketing in shape – branding, head shots, videos, web sites, copy, updating my book, partnerships, a product launch…I declared myself willing to serve, backed it up with a real commitment of time, money and energy, and invested in getting external and internal support from an amazing team.

Big shadow…meet big light. Oy veh.

I’m normally a very positive person. But over the past few months I’ve had 22 waves of hopelessness wash over me (yes, I counted them.) The key is that with each wave, even though it felt like I was hopeless, I was able to trust that it was something inside me coming up to be cleared.

I had faith in the process. I worked my tools. I asked for grace. I opened my heart. I got support.

As I did so, each wave passed, and healing occurred.

For the first few weeks, the waves kept getting bigger, and then they started to shrink. Today, they seem to be almost gone. But here’s the key – as each one washed through me, I grew.

I’m not saying I enjoy this process. Let’s be clear. I don’t. Sometimes I wish my life didn’t have so many of these “deep growth experiences” in it. But I accept the process. And I really like the results of the process – inner peace, joy, gratitude, authentic leadership, inspiration, and getting to live my purpose in the world.

After going through this process enough times, I trust that it’s FOR me. And when it comes up for my clients, I’m able to trust that it’s for them as well.
Remember, one of the best ways to know you’re on purpose is when your voice of intuition lights up, your voice of reason checks it out, and your voice of fear wants to run the other way. The path to your purpose is marked by periods of Yes Yes Hell No, followed by periods of flow.

Does that resonate? How does this match your experience? Post a comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love and light,