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Leadership is not something you do. It's something you develop. For each level of responsibility you take on, there's a new level of leadership you need to master. This is a simple principle that is difficult to practice. You may know that you need to develop your level of leadership skills, and you may want to make it happen. But with all the demands on your time and energy, it can be extraordinarily difficult to do so.

The ALA is a highly effective, time efficient system for upgrading your leadership, on the job and in real time. In 6 hours a month plus two retreats, over the course of a year you can develop the skills you need to play at the next level of your game, so you can experience success in your business and freedom in your life.


You Are a Leader

You’re smart, you’re accomplished, and you care deeply about your work, your family, and the people in your life. You’ve always known how to reach for that next level, and you’re not willing to settle for less than what you know is possible.

So What's the Problem?

Well, being you is not easy. You’re the one who is supposed to have all the answers, but instead you find yourself constantly burdened by tough questions that don’t seem to have straightforward answers:

  • How can I be less stressed and more productive?
  • How can I hold people accountable in positive ways?
  • How can I create greater alignment among my team?
  • How can I resolve emotionally charged conflicts?
  • How can I motivate myself and others in more effective ways?
  • How can I support others to grow and develop?


Pushing Harder Doesn't Work

These questions often involve values that seem like they are in direct conflict with one another, so the harder you push, the worse things seem to get. And the stress is starting to take its toll on you, your team, your family, and the rest of your life. The more you dig into the day-to-day challenges, the more it can seem like they’re connected to a much bigger problem.

What’s Going On?

You’re not wrong. It’s just that the bigger the problem, the deeper the solution needs to be. And the tools you’re used to using probably aren’t working. Traditionally, most leadership training has focused on two areas: thoughts and behaviors, focusing on best practices for what good leaders do, and how they think. The problem is that most of the real challenges you will face as a leader, either in yourself or in others, have deeper roots and can’t just be solved at this level. That’s where we come in.

What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic Leaders understand that in today's world, the important problems require collaboration and creativity rather than just command and control. They serve their values more than their egos. They focus on their customers more than their competitors. They see their job as bringing attention to the important questions rather than just having the right answers. And they tend to be extraordinarily effective.

The Authentic Leadership Academy

Our program is designed to help you “look beneath the water line,” creating positive shifts in the paradigms, underlying emotions, and habits at the root of the deepest challenges that affect your life and work. Rooted in over 15 years of research, development, and facilitation of conscious business training, our revolutionary process will help you discover and integrate new ways of working with these deeper drivers so the thoughts and behaviors of effective leadership can flow effortlessly from a place of grounded authenticity, all within a highly efficient structure that fits into your busy life.

Course Overview

The Authentic Leadership Academy consists of two programs: the first focuses on how to improve results for yourself and your team, and the second focuses on how to develop leadership potential in others. Each program is highly interactive and provides experiential learning. Each one includes 18 training sessions spread over 6 months, in a way that is highly time efficient and helps you rapidly apply what you've learned to your business and life. 

Program I: Improving Results

Module 1: Foundations of Authentic Leadership

  • What does it mean to be a leader?
  • What does it take to shift from Heroic to Authentic Leadership?
  • How can I create scary goals that are inspiring?
  • How can I create a plan I trust for achieving those goals?

Module 2: How to Create Extraordinary Results

  • How can you be less stressed and more productive?
  • How can you hold people accountable in positive ways?
  • How can you increase your own and others' motivation?
  • How can you delegate responsibility more effectively?

Program II: Developing Teams

Module 3: How to Create Extraordinary Relationships

  • How can you build high-value, high-trust relationships?
  • How can you become a more powerful negotiator?
  • How can you communicate more effectively?
  • How can you resolve emotionally charged conflicts in positive and productive ways?

Module 4: How to Lead Change and Develop Leadership in Others

  • How can you effectively lead change within your organization?
  • How can you develop leadership in others?
  • How can you motivate others to grow and change?
  • How can you help them overcome the fears that have been holding them back?

Module 5: Graduation and Next Steps

  • How can I create effective and powerful goals?
  • How can I effectively measure and celebrate my growth?
  • What do you most want to celebrate from this journey?
  • What are your next steps going forward?

  • Let’s talk about your journey to Authentic Leadership

    If the Authentic Leadership Academy sounds like something that would be a good fit for you, we’d love to talk with you. We want to make sure this is exactly what you're looking for, answer any questions you might have, and to set you up for success. So we'd like to schedule a one-on-one conversation to connect with you before you enroll.

    Email or call Jonny Roman at or 818-233-0603 to set up a time to talk about whether the Authentic Leadership Academy is the right fit for you. Please download the Course Overview and Retreat Overview documents prior to our call.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Meet Your Instructors

    Both instructors have been pioneers in the field of Authentic Leadership and Conscious Business for a combined 30 years of experience and dedication to their craft. 

    Brian Whetten, Ph.D.

    By the age of 30, Brian had earned a Berkeley Ph.D. in computer science, raised $20 million for two Silicon Valley startups, been part of a $400 million IPO – and burned out twice. After an emotional and spiritual crisis, he left his career to pursue six years of full-time personal growth work, including earning a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Brian is the author of the #1 International Amazon Best Seller, Yes Yes Hell No!, and he writes a regular column for the Huffington Post. With diverse appearances ranging from NBC to MIT, he is considered one of the foremost experts in the fields of authentic leadership and conscious business.


    Nicole Whetten, M.A.

    As an intuitive, Nicole has an uncanny ability to understand people, often deeper than they understand themselves. She is able to deeply connect with people’s gifts, blocks, path and purpose. She couples this with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and over twelve years of experience as a master coach and facilitator. Nicole has worked with and held space for a wide range of leaders, including studio heads, star athletes, senior executives and prominent entrepreneurs.

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