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Core Coaching helps businesses create breakthrough results through strategic investments in their leadership and culture development.  We specialize in bringing together all the elements that are required to create sustained change, including executive coaching, training, enrollment, breakthrough events, assessments, skills, and content.  We combine proven processes and best practices, with the cutting edge of what’s possible.

Our work is based on the recognition that soft skills are the strongest predictor of hard results, and that leadership development has to be done with people instead of being done to them. 

Our business is based on our total commitment to providing exceptional value to each client we work with.  We only work with clients where there’s a high level of shared trust and commitment.  Our clients describe us as trusted partners, who care as much about their results as they do.

Who Do We Serve?

We work with executives and entrepreneurs who care about something more than just making a profit.  Making money is certainly one thing they care about, but it’s not the only thing.  Whether it’s building remarkable teams, creating a socially responsible organization, growing their people, giving back to society, developing their leadership, or creating products that make the world a better place, our clients create companies and careers that are both highly profitable and highly purposeful.

And they love their lives while doing it.

We usually get called in by business leaders who:

  • Want to go ‘from good to great’.  They have a clear sense of how they want to improve their leadership, team, culture, and/or employee engagement, and they’re looking for support in doing so.
  • Have concerns about one or more members of their team.  There may be a high degree of conflict between team members, or there may be someone who gets great results but is tough on relationships.
  • Feel highly stressed about their work.  They may be on the path to burnout, feel like they have more challenges than they can handle, or be compromising their health and work/life balance.

Why Do We Serve?

At Core Coaching, we believe that business can be a force for good.  Our purpose is to help make the world a better place, one person, one team and one organization at a time.  We believe that conscious business is one of the best ways to be ‘long term greedy,’ and we take great joy in helping companies develop their leadership and culture into powerful competitive advantages.


What Need Do We Serve?

There are lots of business leaders who want to improve the leadership and culture in their companies, but few who are able to create the level of changes they desire.  For some reason, it’s a lot harder than it looks.  

For example, they may be dealing with:

  • An up and coming leader who needs to develop in one or more areas, but who doesn’t like to acknowledge their weaknesses or ask for help
  • Someone who’s getting good results but at the cost of their relationships
  • Interpersonal conflicts that are causing stress and eroding trust
  • Competing factions, where an ‘us vs. them’ mentality is setting in
  • A lack of accountability and personal responsibility in their team
  • Something that’s ‘off’ in their culture, without knowing how to fix it
  • Having less energy and motivation than they want
  • An internal ‘glass ceiling,’ where something keeps holding them back from their next level of growth and success

We support our clients in addressing these types of challenges, through a range of coaching and consulting services.  We’re best known for our individual and team based coaching work, and this forms the core of most client engagements.  Then both on our own, and in partnership with other leaders in the field, we complement this coaching with some of the most powerful consulting, assessments, trainings, seminars, content, and keynote speeches available today.

We help our clients create hard measurements of soft skills, so we can accurately assess where they’re at, and quantify the changes they want to create.  We create custom solutions that directly address their specific needs.  And we meet people at the point of invitation, so that the growth and change leaders are looking for gets done by their people instead of being done to them

How Do We Provide Exceptional Value?

We get astonishing feedback from our clients.  More than 90% report receiving exceptional value, and we regularly hear things like ‘life changing,’ ‘transformational,’ and ‘beyond what I imagined possible.’

Why is this?  We believe that with coaching, culture change, and leadership development, 10% of the value comes from the consultant or coach’s expertise, 30% comes from the consultant or coach’s presence, and 60% comes from client commitment.  Yet most coaches and consultants spend most of their time focused just on their expertise.  We’re devoted students of all three.

Our coaches have applied graduate degrees in psychology, as well as thousands of hours of experience.  More importantly, everyone in our company is doing their own inner work.  We consistently invest in our own growth and development.  Then we build client commitment through enrollment, client selection, and client agreements.  We help clients get clear on what they most want, we only work with clients who are a great fit and are highly committed, and we’d rather fire a client than have them break their agreements in ways that keep them from creating exceptional value.

"Without the work our company did with Core Coaching, we probably would have gone bankrupt in 2009. Instead, we're now thriving again as a company, I can't believe how much I've grown as a leader, and I'm loving my life."

– Jennifer Taylor, CEO of Quantum Touch

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con·scious busi·ness
känCHes biznis

1. An organization that has an exceptionally strong culture, engaged employees, and evolved leadership, and that uses these strengths to create exceptional results.

2. A business that is committed both to making money, to making a difference, and to consciously addressing the conflicts that come up while pursuing these goals.

3. One of the best, most rewarding, most desirable places to work.

4. A company that builds amazing teams, runs circles around its competitors, embraces change, and has fun, all at the same time.

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